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Santa Monica, CA
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reply to Kearnstd

Re: Such high prices!

said by Kearnstd:

if corporations ran the schools most of the country would have no education because it would not be freely available.

Then again that is what the 1% want.

Actually, the "1%" want the masses well-educated, so they are as intelligent and as cheap as the offshore labor force.

Unfortunately, the elites that run our country are not the "1%", they prefer to keep the masses ignorant - and that is why we have the massive public indoctrination system.

Public education is "free" by law, but it doesn't have to be operated by the government; we would see far superior results if schools were run competitively by corporations, and parents had the choice where to send their kids.

There is no public function that can't be contracted out, usually for the better.