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Wheaton, IL
reply to fish23

Re: cable box

Yes, I said if he just wanted to add a new cable box then that would cost him, or have them come pick it up. I said if he is having problems with a box them by all means call them and report it and they should come fix it for free. Keep in mind that if they discover that it is something the customer has done, not allowing the box enough ventilation, bent wires, bookcases, TV stands, heavy objects on the cable wire, then yes, they might charge him for the visit then, since again that is something he could have corrected on his own without COMCAST/XIFINITY coming out. Even if wiring is in the wall, and one room is split off from the other, and one of those wires is kinked they can still charge him. I had that happen to me, despite the tech saying he wasn't going to charge. All the CSR and manager could do was knock 1/2 off the charge.

Mr. Wireless

here in canada if u live far away from a service centre, like out in the boonies, they will either ship you one and you ship the broken one back or they send a tech nician to your house to replace it and take the old one back
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