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Cumming, GA

DVR overwhelming the network

I have a a STB in another room connected via ethernet to the modem through a router (DLink DIR-601). The STB is only connected via ethernet and not via coax. Live TV works fine, no dropouts, no issues (had to turn multicast on in the router options or it was losing signal after about 15 seconds or so, but once I did that it was fine).

Now, the problem occurs when I try to watch recorded programs. It tells me "make sure this TV receiver and the DVR receiver are connected to the network". When I plug the DVR via the ethernet port into the network it completely overwhelms the network (TV signal is reduced to stuttering, internet becomes very slow, etc). Unplug the ethernet cable from the DVR and all is instantly well again.

There doesn't seem to be any issue with streaming over the network itself, because live TV works fine.

My networking skills are fair to middling. Any of you gurus out there know what I am doing wrong? I poked around in the modem's settings and nothing jumps out at me as a possible fix. Does the DVR only work over coax?

Thanks in advance for any help.


You can't mix the receiver multicast traffic with your own network traffic using consumer grade routers. The receivers and your own network stuff need to be segregated at the RG itself. If your going to link receivers, only use unmanaged switches. Your Dlink needs to be isolated to its own LAN port and should only be used for non-receiver equipment. Separate the traffic, Factory reset the RG and reboot the receivers and your good.


Cumming, GA
Thanks for the quick response. I had no idea the live TV would even work strictly over ethernet from the RG in this manner (stumbled across that aspect by accident), so I got my hopes up for -all- the functions over the standard network. Guess I'll have to invest in some more equipment if I want to make this go.

It will work over ethernet but plug the Dlink router WAN port into one port on your AT&T 2Wire modem.
Then plug in the STB into another port directly to the AT&T 2wire modem.

That is unless you want to have fun times making everything work. You require a switch that supports IGMPv3 and your router requires an IGMP proxy.