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New York, NY

Another FIOS Bridging Question

I recently had FIOS installed and followed the excellent procedures on this site to keep the Actiontec router as the primary router and connect a secondary router to provide the wireless connectivity. I connected an Asus rt-n66u to the lan port of the FIOS Actiontec router, disabled the wireless function of the Actiontec and put the Asus router into AP mode (so DHCP is only enabled in the Actiontec). This is working perfectly and the Asus secondary router provides super fast, flawless wireless coverage.

What I would like to do now is add a new Asus router to another room in my home to act as a bridge for connected devices in that room. This will require the new Asus router to be able to connect to the secondary Asus router that is currently connected to the Actiontec. Before I go out and buy another router though, I want to make sure this will work. In other words, will the new router be able to connect wirelessly to the secondary Asus router even though the secondary Asus router is in AP mode with DHCP disabled? Thanks for any advice!
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West Chester, PA
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Re: Another FIOS Bridging Question

Make sure the new router supports wireless bridging. Some don't.

Be aware that wireless bridging will cut your wireless speed in half on any device connected through the wireless bridge.
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