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[Trojan] After doing a System Restore I keep getting this trogan

Over a week ago I did a complete system restore of my computer because it had become quite slow (It's 7 or so years old, never done a system restore on it). I did the system restore through the recovery patrician and not by the discs because I not longer have them. I was (and still am) having trouble finding how to download SP3 so maybe that's how and why the trojans are getting through?

Anyways I've got AVG, Malwarebytes, and Super Anti-Spyware installed. AVG found a trojan the other day after I had it run the first scan. Then today when I turned on the monitor and AVG was up and it said it had blocked four more trojan (trojan horse generic7_c.MXS) but in a different area of the computer (recovery, I think). Is there a way to look these back up?

All this is doing is making me want to run back to linux...

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Re: [Trojan] After doing a System Restore I keep getting this tr

Hi, please follow all the steps for our forum carefully:

»Security Cleanup FAQ »Mandatory Steps Before Requesting Assistance

Our FAQ will tell you what programs we need and how to attempt to get them to run . Please note only legitimate, licensed windows installations will be serviced here

It will also show what logs need to be attached to your post - as well as where to locate them

Post back when completed, we'll be waiting

»Security Cleanup FAQ »How to post for assistance
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