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[General] Free Softphone with SIP URL Handling?


What softphone is available for free and offers SIP URL handler as a free feature. X-lite does so but is not working for us due to network problems and I can't find another product that can do so.

SIP URL handling from my understanding is such that when a sip hyperlinked is clicked in a web browser, it opens the softphone and dials the number out.

I have tried zoiper and qutecomm but can't get SIP URL handling working on their free versions.

Help is much appreciated and thank you!

I'd expect that what you need (calling other program when hyperlink is clicked) should be handled by web browser. Or system should define a global SIP handler for such hyperlinks... SIP client form the other side should be able to take that URL as an option in its commend line. I'm not sure if csipsimple is capable of the latter. But you may want to try it.
Keep it simple, it'll become complex by itself...

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Try Jitsi or Blink, both are very capable.


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SIP addresses are formatted like email addresses (sometimes it contains the string 'sip', but sometimes not) so I'm not sure how many software developers has gone ahead with a browser plugin idea.

BTW it's very easy to program such a functionality using AutoHotkey, which will work with any Softphone of your choice. It's just a few lines of code and you'll end up with an independent exe file which you can run on many PC.
You can find guides on their website, and I think it's the best choice if you don't want to limit yourself to the probably few softphones which offer such built-in functionality.

I can just add that I know Express-Talk allow dialing arbitrary SIP addresses, and offers a free version. No idea about an hyperlink handler. but you can check:


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Is the use of a browser with WebRTC capablity and a WebRTC to SIP gateway a viable alternative?

Vancouver, BC
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IIRC Zoiper does SIP URL handling, but uses a different address format than the usual email address like format everyone is used to.

I'd also recommend you try Jitsi.


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said by decx:

IIRC Zoiper does SIP URL handling, but uses a different address format than the usual email address like format everyone is used to.

Correct. To dial example@sipuri.foo with Zoiper you would type in the dial box:

Martin - VoiP.ms


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said by MartinM:

Correct. To dial example@sipuri.foo with Zoiper you would type in the dial box:


I've read that other places too, but I just downloaded Zoiper to use to make SIP URI calls in the past month and I didn't find that to be the case.

Just using sip:example@sipuri.foo worked.

Maybe they changed that recently.


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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your recommendations. I still haven't been able to piece this puzzle together. I have downloaded Jitsi and Blink but haven't been able to get them to work to dial out numbers when sip hyperlinks are clicked on from a web browser.

Below is how this feature that I am trying to figure out with Jitsti/Blink is currently working fine with X-lite:

X-lite makes the following registry entry:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\CounterPath\X-Lite\x-lite.exe" -dial="%1"

On X-lite we use the following settings for setting up sip accounts:
username, password & domain/server.

Subsequently, on a web page if user clicks on a hyperlink such as [a href="sip:1112223333"]1112223333[/a], it will dial out 1112223333 through X-lite. Life is great But X-lite has a problem with our office network and I need to figure out an alternate solution.

With Blink, I have succeeded at setting up our SIP account and I can make calls through it.

Following what I know from X-lite, I updated the registry entry to "C:\Program Files (x86)\CounterPath\Blink\blink.exe"

Now, when I click on any sip hyperlink in a web browser, it opens up a new instance of blink.exe file but it does not dial the number.

It seems there should be a command line argument that needs to be specified in the registry entry but I cannot locate any information on what it might be

This is the same problem I am having every corner I am turning with any soft phone. Zoiper might be capable but information on their website suggests only paid versions have sip url handling.

And I wish one of these other softphone providers had taken the initiative like counterpath's x-lite to make it a feature for them to self register for sip url handling? Anyone seconds this notion?

Can anyone please point out a softphone, its corresponding registry entry and html hyperlink to make this work?

This poor fella had the same question back in 2010 and never got an answer; »lists.ag-projects.com/pipermail/ ··· 702.html

How can you kind folks allow for me to be the next casualty?

Thank you lots!

To make it work in Windows environment there are two points of concern:
1. in the registry one should specify a handler for SIP protocol
2. find out how SIP client can (or can it at all) take number/URL to call from its command line

It seems like you've found the solution for the first question (and BTW, you may share how you did it here, so others may follow and see below - why). But at this point you're stuck with the second problem - how to specify command line option for particular SIP client. My PoV on the latter is, because people don't even think it's possible to do so (making calls by clicking on hyperlinks in a web browser) and it could be quite convenient to make calls from a local HTML file, they don't ask developers (yet) for support. Thus developers of SIP clients don't see that supporting phone numbers/URI in command line could be important and therefore many don't even offer that. Therefore, to make it happen you have to spread your knowledge about usefulness of that feature (you're doing it now with this thread) and wait for other people to join your demand to developers of SIP clients. Until then they're not going to develop / test that feature in their respective SIP clients...
Keep it simple, it'll become complex by itself...


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I do foresee the feature to gain popularity in years to come. In our case we have a custom designed CRM and having a hosted VOIP system, users can utilize soft phones and dial out with a single click. The sales team loves this feature since it saves them a lot of time and trouble from dialing out numbers.

For the first part the registry entry can be made as per this article »www.oak-wood.co.uk/faq/content/5 ··· ows.html

I did it as follow:
a) Start --> regedit
b) Create or modify an entry in the registry at the following location [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\sip\shell\open\command]

For X-lite 3.0 the entry is:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\CounterPath\X-Lite\x-lite.exe" -dial="%1" Comment: Under normal circumstances this should work for users and x-lite sets this path itself. In our case X-lite does not work due to some weird network problem.

For Blink the entry is:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Blink\blink.exe" "%1"
Comment: This will launch blink but will not dial out the number.

Make sure the application path is customized to your install location.

I will post more as I make progress. For now I am glad that for a google search on SIP URL Handling, this thread comes up on the first page and will help others out.

Cheers and still looking forward to someone helping out with an earlier request "Can anyone please point out a softphone, its corresponding registry entry and html hyperlink to make this work?"

How to register hew protocol handler is described here: Registering an Application to a URI Scheme (Internet Explorer).

Here is how to test it:
1. Let's assume that our new protocol handler for SIP is C:\Tmp\SIP-Handler.bat. It simply prints the data, which is coming from SIP URI link:
bat code:
@echo off
echo Calling %1

2. To register that new SIP protocol handler we may run REG file like this one:
reg code:
'URL Protocol'=''

@='C:\\Tmp\\SIP-Handler.bat \'%1\''
Note: "URL Protocol"= value is important here. Content of the value could be anything...

3. To test it we may create a local HTML file with followed link:
<a href="sip:1234567890">1234567890</a>

Then when we open that HTML file in a browser and click on the link, we'll see BAT file starts running, indicating that we called to sip:1234567890

Now, SIP client that should be used as new SIP handler has to be able to take command line parameters. That's important. If it can take it, it can be used to replace our test BAT file. If it can't get parameters from command line, ask developer to add it...

I agree with OP. this could be very useful feature. You may include SIP hyperlinks in local HTML files or in HTML pages downloaded from HTTP servers. Then when you click on the link, registered SIP client makes the call immediately. It's very simple and effective way to organize your work. And it would be nice if developers will offer their support for it :)

Keep it simple, it'll become complex by itself...


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Have a look at this site. The author has developed a FF add on which should be useful in your effort. Also, there is some info on his site which might be of interest in troubleshooting your setup.

»www.codepad.de/en/software/firef ··· ?start=2



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If your program opens into a mode where you can enter the number and hit return, a simple AutoIt script might do the job for you.

Here's something I threw together to work with PhonerLite.
cfg code:
; Script Function (au3 extension, but syntax=cfg looks nice):
; Opens PhonerLite, types in the first command line argument and hits enter.
; Works with AutoIt Version 3.0

; Prompt the user to run the script - use a Yes/No prompt. Defaults to Yes (4 - see help file)
Local $answer = MsgBox(4, "Call " & $CmdLine[1] & "?", "Open Phonerlite and Dial " & $CmdLine[1] & "?")

; Check the user's answer to the prompt (see the help file for MsgBox return values)
; If "No" was clicked (7) then exit the script
If $answer = 7 Then
MsgBox(0, "Cancelled", "OK. Bye!")

; Run PhonerLite
ShellExecute ("C:\Program Files\PhonerLite\PhonerLite.exe")

; Activate and Wait for PhonerLite to open
WinActivate ("[Title:PhonerLite]")

; Now that the PhonerLite window is active, enter the number sent from the command line and hit Return.

; Finished!


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The solution I have found to this is with QuteCom.

Regardless of how much I tried I couldn't get it to work just via a registry entry. For QuteCom we need an executable file to handle the request and dial the number out.

This is the original post: »superuser.com/questions/384994/h ··· hone-url

The accepted answer at post above did not work for me. But the following suggestion did:
So here is what I put as string in the registry command key:

"C:\telProtocolHandler.bat" %1

Here is the content of my telProtocolHandler.bat :

set PathExe="C:\Program Files (x86)\QuteCom\QuteCom.exe"

set CLcmd=-c call/
set CLprm=%1
set CLprm=%CLprm:tel:=%

start "" %PathExe% %CLcmd%%CLprm%

Now it works like a charm under Windows 7

Let me know if anyone has any questions or requires any clarification and hope this helps.