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Avon, OH

Bathtub drain stopper replacement

I was trying to do some caulking in the bathroom yesterday evening, and decided to take off the overflow cover in the tub to see what was going on in there.

Little background on that part... The drain in the bathtub didn't seem to seal completely when I would pull the lever, with a slight dripping / draining noise when I would fill the tub. The water level would slowly drop slowly, and it would annoy me when taking a bath (have to keep adding water to keep the levelup).

So I took the overflow off, it was CAKED with crud and corrosion, pulled the "linkage" out (I guess that's what it's called!), and headed off to home depot.

Well, they seemed to only have one SKU of this item on the shelves, so I figured, that must be what I need. Well, guess what? I spend half an hour trying to fit the cotter pin that came with the new overflow plate through the holes in the linkage assembly, I get it attached.

I already matched the length adjustment on the new linkage to that of the old one, so I thought that was done. I go to put it down the pipe, and feel it reach the bottom. Now, the linkage is WAY too long, as I can't even make the overflow plate reach the tub, and the linkage is pushing the lever all the way down.

I run some water in the tub to see if it is stopping the drain like it's supposed to, and lo and behold, it's not stopping the water AT ALL. I deal with this for a while, trying to figure out what to do, and I compare the new and old linkages again. They're the same length and everything.

Except the new one seems SLIGHTLY larger diameter. So it looks like it's not even making it into the drain plug section.

Should I just try to move the old stopper (probably 20+ year old plastic) to the new linkage (brand new brass one)?

Does somebody make a NEW linkage that will fit my drain?

Here's the one I bought today:

» ··· DBVd4-xk

Leander, TX
Could you take a pic or two of the old and new parts side by side and show them to us?

Carnegie, PA
Replacement parts on a tub are always hit and miss.. So many different mfg's out there, and even if u get the same mfg, different years of parts could still be different sizes..

if you can swap the drain plug from the old to new linkage, that would probably be the best bet.. The threads probably wont be the same tho

probably cheaper to buy a whole kit thats the same as your existing waste and overflow (design), and change the overflow plate/linkage and stopper/linkage at the same time, sans pipes..

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Avon, OH
reply to talz13
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Well, I ended up doing something like that. I thoroughly cleaned my old linkage (I was surprised at how much of the green tarnish stuff came off of it!), and attached it to the new cover plate.

However, I have a new issue. I don't know if I tightened the screws too hard or what, but it looks like the cover plate pulled the overflow pipe through the tub, and all the way up to the plate. I wasn't cranking on the screws, I just went tight enough that it required a slight bit of effort to turn the screws any farther. Now there's no more overflow drain! It's kind of hard to see in the picture, but I attempted to fill the tub after this, and it does not appear to drain at all, since it is blocked off.

Any suggestions on that?