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Alvin, TX

Why did I get 2Wire 3800 and not 3801

I had ATT U-Verse installed back in Jan 2013 - TV and Internet.
The tech installed the 2Wire 3800 gateway.
Then today my parents switched to ATT and they got the 3801 model.

Do they just install whatever they have on hand? From what I see the 3801 version was already out during my install so I was just wondering why they did not use that and does it make a difference?

Also, are there any ATT gateways for U-Verse that support wireless N?


·AT&T U-Verse

Yes, they usually just give you whatever they have. I heard that once the supply of these refurbished 3800s that they're giving out runs out then they'll stop using them. I think the only 3800s that are being used right now are all the refurbs.

Only gateway that supports wireless N right now is the NVG510 which doesn't work your type of U-verse. There will be a new wireless N gateway called the Motorola NVG589 that will be launched with the new speed upgrades.

We had our 3800 for almost 4 years until late last year when we got our 3801.


Union City, GA
reply to srudenko

The gateways work the same, the 3801 has a more sleek look than the 3800 but at the end you watch the TV and not the gateway right? You can call and see if they will mail you a 3801

midwest pt

reply to srudenko

I general have one 3800, and three 3801 on truck, the 3800 is the original RG when ATT wanted to expand coverage area they 3801was used to provide better connection on distances over 2200 ft. Software changes now basically force 3801 with Ave line on anything over 2000 ft (one of the reason CSI fail on receiving their 3600 and have loop length of 2800 ft, the 3600 will not sync requiring service call to replace with 3801).
A tech out of our garage today was doing an install of 250 ft, only had 3801s which would not sync due to too high signal, he had to call around and find a tech who had a 3800 and go and get it to finish install.
To answer your question if you have a 3800, you are probable less than 2000ft with a good signal and that is what the tech had on his truck. Your parents are probably over 2000 ft with lower signal quality and his tests recommended the 3801, or they are less than 2000 and that was all the tech had on his truck. The 3800 is preferred and sometimes only RG that will work at less than 800 ft.

Lombard, IL
reply to srudenko

I had a 3800 which they swapped out for a 3801 when I had some issues, and I seemed to have more retrains, loss of signal, etc issues with the 3801 than the 3800. When the modem fee when into effect, I bought a 3600 and sent the 3801 back. It may just be coincidence, but the 3600 has had zero issues since it when live a month ago, whereas the 3801 log would have a least a few errors. Anyway, if it works, don't worry about it.
Chairman of the Bored...


·AT&T U-Verse

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My noise margin decreased quite a bit when we got our 3801 lol. I also have random link retains every week or two when I barely have any corrected blocks over time except for the random corrected block bursts out of no where :/.

U-verse realtime lists us at 700ft but it would make sense that I was "actually" at 40ft or so. I remember when we first got installed that most of the modems they tried weren't syncing lol.

Lisle, IL
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to srudenko

To a point, yes U-Verse techs install whatever is provided to them by the stock attendant, and that depends on what the warehouse is sending the local garage.

That being said, there are situations where it is preferred to use one modem or the other

3800: xPON FTTP jobs, and short loops/short distance from the VRAD on VDSL2 FTTN jobs

3801: Longer loop (usually ~2200+' loop length distance from the VRAD) VDSL2 FTTN jobs

Medium-loop VDSL2 FTTN jobs, there is no real modem preference.

The 3801 is newer equipment with a newer chipset, hence the better performance on the longer loops. However it has some weird bug when getting its feed from a FTTP ONT to the red "Broadband" ethernet port that can cause random pixelation/freezing. That is why the 3800 is preffered for FTTP