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Fremont, NE
·Time Warner Cable
reply to BBL

Re: High latency from 8-11 PM every night in Raleigh, NC

This looks like what happened to the routers here after they released Docsis 3 tiers here then released the Standard 15Mbps the next week.

1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms
2 51 ms 15 ms 23 ms []
3 9 ms 9 ms 9 ms []
4 10 ms 10 ms 9 ms [
5 12 ms 9 ms 9 ms []
6 10 ms 27 ms 10 ms []
7 99 ms 98 ms 99 ms []
8 101 ms 102 ms 146 ms []
9 113 ms 114 ms 110 ms []
10 113 ms 132 ms 119 ms []
11 118 ms 111 ms 111 ms []
12 112 ms 114 ms 114 ms
13 145 ms 138 ms 144 ms
14 116 ms 114 ms 114 ms
15 134 ms 122 ms 143 ms
16 127 ms 125 ms 123 ms
17 134 ms 134 ms 133 ms
18 * * * Request timed out.
19 136 ms 137 ms 168 ms []

Does this look similar? I called in after it happened two days in a row during peak times and Tier 3 got it to the right people and it has been fixed since then. If the 2nd hop's ping is fine, but one of the routers after that hop has high ping, then it is TWC's router malfunctioning or congestion on the router. But if its the 2nd hop which is the cmts, you could have node congestion. Also which model gateways have you tried so far?


Raleigh, NC

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I'm not sure if I can say that your tracert looks similar, but how you described it definitely does.

I've tried a Motorola SBG6580 (purchased on my own) and an Arris DG860A (provided by TWC). I actually purchased the Motorola since it had some of the best reviews and I was hoping it might fix (or somewhat alleviate these issues), but no luck. The Arris seems slightly better even, but both have the same issue.

Here is a graph of my 2nd and 4th hops: »

The 2nd hop shows some crazy spikes that I don't fully understand, but they happen 24/7 and don't really correspond to any kind of performance hits that I can feel while gaming, so I haven't been too concerned with it.

The 4th hop is where the performance hits are noticeably visible and do correspond directly to gaming performance. But as I mentioned before, the different modems will report them at different hops some reason (maybe just a flaw in the PingPlotter software?). On the Motorola, the nightly spike was not visible at hop 4, but it was at hop 3. The Arris reported lag at hop 3 three nights ago, but it has reported it at hop 4 for the last two nights.


Fremont, NE
·Time Warner Cable
Of course my tracert is different(I'm in Nebraska), but you should see a large jump of ping on one of the routers. Your modems are Docsis 3, so they aren't the issue unless you see high pings at the 2nd hop.

From your picture I can see that your third hop is fine with ping but your problem is on the 4th hop, and this would be TWC's fault.

In ping plotter you should be able to see past tracroutes to google(on top), by clicking where it shows the high pings it should show exactly where the ping is going up that high, but as I'm suspecting its hop 4.

EDIT: You should post your signals, they should be located here: »