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Re: High latency from 8-11 PM every night in Raleigh, NC

Tracert is misused daily here.

You need to worry about the destination ping. If your destination is 150ms, most likely there is a problem and going bottom to top you would likely see a 130ms to 30ms bump for example.

Please post tracerts during those hours, as the ones posted don't have a issue.

If you destination is 50ms, any router reporting 50+ is just from that ICMP packet being put on the back burner while the router deals with real traffic. Disregard any ping above the destination ping!!!


Raleigh, NC
Thanks for the replies, guys!

I setup PingPlotter to show pings for hop 4 (the first hop that shows lag) and hop 13 (the final hop at Google). Here is a snapshot of the data taken during the middle of last night's lag window: »i.imgur.com/VTdc8oY.png

Also, here are my signals: »i.imgur.com/285VYIj.png (though I just took this, outside of my lag window -- I can post them again during tonight's lag, if you suspect they'd be any different)

And the reason why I wasn't displaying the destination ping before, was that TWC has said in the past that they can't control anything beyond their routers, so I wanted to just highlight the fact that it appears to be happening on their hops. But good to know.