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Rogue Wolf
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Troy, NY
reply to alexintexas

Re: Why you shouldnt set rodents on fire

Far be it from me to harp on the widespread idiocy shown these days yeah, right but this is just another example of people who are no longer capable of (or who don't want to bother) thinking in terms of action and consequence- what I like to call "Step B thinking". "If I set this snake on fire, what happens after that?"

Nowadays I find it very hard to not smile when bad things happen to dumb people. I'll save my empathy for those who deserve it.
I may have been born yesterday, but I've spent all afternoon downtown.


San Antonio, TX
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my thoughts as well, more shocking is that fire and police have stated this is not uncommon "cause and effect" folks

i actually do hope they fine the person at fault here and or pay for fire/police crews time/labor costs

Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
I get the feeling a fine is the least of their worries. They will certainly be facing civil suits from the owners of other homes damaged.

a lawyer would have to weigh into this on if they could be hit with arson charges for the other two homes, Since this fire was not at all an accident. It might not have been intended to get this big but the person still poured the gas and set it on fire.
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