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New York, NY

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reply to norwegian

Re: First pc. build need suggestions?

said by norwegian:

I don't think in 2 to 3 months though, there is a list or order you need to go in, there will not be that much change in technology in that period for your needs if you want it up and running specifically then and you can't wait 6 - 12 mths for the next generation of cpu.
Specials is where you will find the order of parts will affect what you buy and when.

Actually, Intel Haswell, the successor to Intel Ivy Bridge should launch within about 3 months,.......

This should effect change to price and performance for the given coin somewhat.

So for the OP thinking of buying and or building in that timeframe I would suggest waiting and saving.

One problem buying parts over time is that one could always buy a defective part and not know it. If it takes months to find out you have a defective part you can no longer send the part back to the dealer and now have to deal with the manufacturer which will likely replace the part with a refurb rather the with something new,.......


I'll also add that I have an Antec P180 case which I like very much. I would liken it to the Antec P280 in many ways. I bout it fairly cheaply from Frys, it was an incredable deal. Anyway, I wouldn't spend much on a case (probably not more the ~$60 USD) personally. I also have four Antec 300 cases which I like very much. If price is an issue I would suggest buying a cheaper case.