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Los Gatos, CA

CA schedule for speed upgrades?

I am in Santa Cruz county and on an old Blast package (16Mbps / 2 Mbps).

This months bill says Great news! We increased the speed of your
Internet Service at no add’l cost. To complete
your speed increase, go to
You may need to upgrade your modem; to confirm go to'

I checked I have Docsis 3.0 (SB6121) Modem and have power cycled it. Still getting 16 Mbps / 2 Mbps as tested by shaperprobe.

Is the bill wording ahead of the actual speed upgrade roll-out?


Chico, CA
Here's the portion of the press release that mentions your area getting the upgrade this summer:

"*Note: A few select areas in Comcast's California footprint will not receive the new Internet speeds: Santa Cruz/Scotts Valley Area (will receive the new speeds this Summer); as well as Arbuckle, Maxwell, Williams, Auburn Lake Trails, Isleton, Tower Park and Rio Vista."
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RR Conductor
NWP RR Inc.,serving NW CA
Redwood Valley, CA
reply to vandergraff2
I take it you moved recently? Your posting info still says Los Gatos (Santa Clara County)

It's funny they are taking so long in Santa Cruz, they must have a really old system. We got the upgrades up here in Mendocino County, and we're more rural and have a lot less population than Santa Cruz County. We're a former Adelphia market.

Runs from Clowns
reply to vandergraff2
Please keep this kind of discussion about the speed upgrades here ---> »Post info here about speed upgrades predicted/not here yet
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