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Raleigh, NC
reply to dude34221

Re: High latency from 8-11 PM every night in Raleigh, NC

Thanks for the reply.

I started a 48 hour test on the HostMyCalls tool, but I did not receive an email within 5 minutes as they mentioned I should (and it didn't go to my spam folder). So I'm not sure if it's actually running?

Here are the results for the Web100 tool: » -- Though this was taken outside of the lag window. I can run it again tomorrow during the lag.

I have tried contacting direct TWC support on DSLReports, and I was impressed at how quickly they responded. They just told me that a local person would get in touch with me, but everyone I have spoken to locally has just repeatedly said that they see nothing wrong on their end.


Fremont, NE
·Time Warner Cable
BBL, Your signal looks very good to me, your SNR(37-38dB) matches mine almost and your power levels are all within spec. So I am doubting your issue lies there.

Usually when its congestion the speeds will fall, like in my case I had 4Mbps on my speedtests with the high ping at one point. » Run a speedtest from that site or run one of dude's linked tests or both(preferably) during the high ping times and the results here.

Well you could give them the ip of the server that is having issues, that is why I did twice and on the second time I think I got a Tier 3 person with extra stuff and she went to the right people and it got fixed fast once they were made aware of it, never to happen again.


Raleigh, NC
Thanks. I'm trying to reach out to them again (via the direct support forum). They said someone should be in touch with me soon; hopefully it will be someone that can understand this problem.