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long road to getting Fios at new address

I just want to share the long road I had to take in order to get an address updated in Verizon's database to show that Fios is available. I almost gave up hope at one point. Hopefully this story can help someone who might be in the same position as me.

I'm going to be moving in to a house that is currently being constructed. Not only is the house new, but the address is new also. The address was created when a piece of land was divided. This new house is in between 2 houses that both have active fios service. Despite that, Verizon claimed that the new address couldn't get fios. I tried twice getting the address updated to show fios available through the Verizon Direct forum on dslreports. I tried through Verizon support on Twitter. I also tried calling customer service. The same answer always came back. No Fios. When I questioned why a house couldn't get fios that is between 2 houses with fios, I would never get a straight answer or no answer at all.

My last hope was to go though my local gov't. In order for Verizon to provide fios TV in my county, they had to make a franchise agreement with my local gov't. That agreement holds verizon to certain standards and can be a big problem for Verizon if they don't meet certain standards and follow the agreement. My gov't has an administrator that is in charge of these agreements, so I contacted them. (I'm not sure if they would have been able to help me, if Verizon only provided internet service in my county. I don't think the office deals with other services besides video.)

Within 5 days of contacting the administrator, the Verizon website is now showing that I can get fios at my new address. Someone tried to help me on Verizon direct forum for about 2 months and they couldn't resolve this for me. I'm sure Verizon wants to keep local gov'ts happy to avoid any problems with agreements, so that helped me out. A Verizon customer advocate even called me up after contacting my gov't to explain to me what was going on.

If you are having trouble getting fios in your home and houses near you have fios, perhaps your local gov't can help you.

The sad part about all this is I tried for 2 months to find a way for Verizon to let me keep giving them money every month for service after I move and they couldn't help me.