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[WIN7] Windows VPN Issue


I wonder if any of you Microsoft gurus can help...

Basically I'm having an issue with my laptop whereby when I fire up a VPN connection, I appear to lose all ability to web browse to anything.

Example 1: I'm at home, I can access the internet fine, fire up my VPN to the office, I then cannot browse the internet nor browse HTTP/HTTPS to anything on the network.

Example 2: I'm in the office (wired or wireless) and I VPN on to a client site to do some remote troubleshooting for example. Before starting the VPN connection, I can browse the internet, access our IP phone system using the web browser, however as soon as I start the VPN, I can't access the internet, can't access the phone system which I could 10 seconds previously AND cannot web browse to a clients phone system.

I am constantly faced with 'This page cannot be displayed'.

DNS resolves addresses both when I'm connected and not connected, so I know it's not a DNS related issue.

I can also ping every device that I'm attempting to web browse on to.

Due to the nature of my job (field network engineer) I have lots of Windows VPNs setup to various client sites to do remote fixes/changes, etc and this behaviour is exactly the same on anyone I attempt to connect to.

Now, just to throw a spanner in the works, my colleague can connect to the same VPN, and get access to the very devices which I cannot. We both run Windows 7 x64 and both had IE10 (I've now reverted back to 9 incase this was anything to do with it... but it would appear not)

I am completely drawing a blank here as to what this can be??

Any Google searches I have done, just bring up result after result about 'split tunnel' VPN setups, which I know is nothing to do with the issue I am having.

Anyone any ideas of anything I can look at or try??

Thanks in advance.

Merrickville, ON
Open up Control Panel | Network and Internet | Network Connections. In there, you'll find your VPN connection(s). Right-click on one and choose Properties.
In that dialog, go to the Networking tab, find the IPv4 entry, select it and click the Properties button.
Most likely, the General properties in there are both set to "...automatically", which is fine. Click the Advanced... button.

There's a checkbox "Use default gateway on remote network". Normally, that should be checked, along with Automatic metric. If yours is unchecked, that's probably the problem.
If it's checked, as an experiment try unchecking it, OK back out, and reconnect to the VPN and see what happens.

If none of that helps, try comparing each and every setting in the Properties dialog tabs between your machine and your co-worker's. There are a lot of obscure settings in there, and the implications of one being "wrong" may not be obvious.

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Thanks for the reply

I'd already tried that - the only difference it made was that by unchecking the remote gateway, it allowed me to browse the web. Made no difference to trying to web browse to something on the remote network.

It's so bizzare, I can RDP, etc to servers, it just appears to be HTTP/HTTPS.

I'm due back in the office in a couple of days, I'll check with my colleagues just to confirm all our settings are the same.

Thanks again.