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Cape May, NJ

[CDV] v-mail stutter notification: phone or modem

I had assumed that the stutter dial tone sound that you hear when you have a voicemail is generated by the Comcast modem, and has nothing to do with the phone plugged into the unit. But a CSR last night told me the phone has to support it, and it is the phone that generates the stutter. I assumed he had no idea what he was talking about, but I thought I would confirm that here.

Olympia, WA
I think it is kind of both ways. There is a signal on the line that tells the phone that there is a voicemail and then the phone makes the sound. At one point I had an old multi line biz phone (forget the made/model now) but it had a big bright red light on it. I had it in the garage so as I drove in I would know before I got into the house I had a voicemail. Same idea, the phone knows to light any indicator light same as to do the stutter tone. My current cordless phone setup... Panasonic I think, has an indicator light on the handsets that flash when there is an unheard voicemail.


Cape May, NJ
I get that the phone needs to support the 'light' feature for that to work, but I thought the stutter sound would work on any phone

I do this for a living

Dover, DE
reply to sd2hd
the stutter will work on any touch tone phone.
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