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No Limit
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Katy, TX

HBO suddenly disappeared from my on-demand selection

I've had the same account for almost 4 years and have changed home addresses 3 times on it. I still notice my old address when I log into the website, yet comcast mails me their promo offers to my new address. Why is that? And why has HBO suddenly gone from my on-demand choices when I have never told them to change what package I'm paying for nor did I ever receive any notice in the mail that Comcast took the liberty to change what channels I was paying for without telling me. I was flipping through my channels and I noticed I don't have the usual muiltiple HBO channels, just one HBO channel. It's nice that I can view Showtime now, but I never asked for that channel. I want my HBO back for Game of Thrones! Anybody else having a similar issue?

Tech Nut

Fort Lauderdale, FL
You lost me there? Comcast is running a new one week promo in which all ondemand is basically unlocked. As for showtime no clue? In most areas HBO has been removed to one channel and HD. In my area most of the premium HD channels are gone although I have tons of SD ones. When they removed them they said you can get that same movies, etc ondemand but that is BS as the show counts are no where near the same. Also the quality of ondemand blows! If you are still getting HBO then nothing is wrong as they probably just removed the others to save space. We need more info though to be sure and explain it a little better.


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I don't get showtime, but with the free week, I'm trying to get through all of Homeland.

But I was surprised to discover that Homeland is in Dolby 5.1 On Demand. The first On Demand show I've ever watched that wasn't only in stereo. So hopefully it's improving.

I'm also on A30, and the FF/RW buttons have been way more responsive, and cleaner to use. Watching premium programs On Demand actually doesn't really bother me now, since they don't have any commercials in them. The rest of tv, still a huge difference between On Demand and DVR due to ease of 30 second skips on dvr as well as the often blocked commercial skipping On Demand.

But I'm less annoyed about losing the stuff like HBOComedy in HD now, at least.

No Limit
Just Say No To Social Promotion

Katy, TX
reply to No Limit
Not sure what happened between the time I originally posted and now, but I see I have access to HBO Movies, HBO Documentaries, and other HBO options on-demand when I go to channel 700 (the on-demand channel for me). I was about to call support, but I guess I won't, for now.