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San Mateo, CA

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*SOLVED* Side-grade from Ultra to Blast - traffic shaped

Large file xfer shaped to 20 MBs
Ok, so I decided to side-grade from Ultra 22/5 to Blast 50/10 as many people in the San Francisco Bay Area reported the faster speeds. That was last Thursday.

I rebooted the modem several times but I still had the Ultra provisioned speeds so I posted to the Comcast Direct forum. No answer after a few days (I sure do miss ComcastSteve) so I connected with support again tonight using the on-line chat. They found, as I suspected, that my modem had not been re-provisioned so they pushed the Blast config to it.

Below are my shaperprobe results:

Notice that in both cases, my modem seems to be shaped to 20/4 (Performance tier?). To confirm, I tried downloading a large file (Mountain Lion from Apple) because they use a high-performance CDN that always pegged my 22/5 at 24 previously.

As you can see from my pfSense traffic graph, the traffic seems to be shaped around 20Mbs.

1) Are other Blast subscribers in the Bay Area seeing a 20/4 shaped speed on an Arris TM702G after the CA speed upgrade rollout on the 19th?
2) I have tried 3 times with Comcast so can I get this resolved?

Thanks in advance,


San Mateo, CA

Re: [Connectivity] Side-grade from Ultra to Blast - traffic shap

I do this for a living

Dover, DE

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dont use chat. call!!!!!


San Mateo, CA

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Amazing! Netcool PM'd me last night to say that the cs rep had in fact pushed the wrong file to my modem so he fixed it while I was asleep ;)

Thanks netcool - you rock!!!