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Waterloo, IA

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[IA] modem constantly resetting?

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I am about as frustrated as can be here with service (not surprising, a typical reaction from a mediacom customer), and the lack of customer service from this company. From being misinformed regarding cablecard and PPV to the latest occurrence here. HOPEFULLY someone can help me out and provide me some decent insight as to what's going on.

Sunday night, I noticed my internet service started sending a few unexpected errors back (facebook would partially load, other sites wouldn't load, strange errors in general), so I unplugged both the modem and the cable from the modem, which is my standard practice. leave it unplugged for a few, then plug it back in.

Since then, this thing has been resetting all too frequently. What I mean by resetting is that it attempts to grab a new IP This happens from every 10 minutes to every 30 minutes. The problem is that while this process is taking place, there is absolutely no internet connectivity at all, and the modem reads it's ip's as

Now, I've tried calling in about this, and get the typical runaround (plug directly into the modem, reset your routers, etc, etc). The reality is that this response is just scripted, and nowhere near related to my actual, physical problem here. None of this is going to stop the modem from resetting or obtaining a new IP (or trying to) at all, so what is the problem? Does this thing need to be replaced? What's the deal?

I've attached proof of the 'reset', as well as signal strength screenshots. Hopefully, someone can provide a bit more assistance than Mediacom's not so helpful staff.

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL

I see Drew from the Mediacom support forums was working with you earlier today. The overall signal levels to the area and your modem look good. However, your modem has logged a few resets recently. This doesn't seem to be happening to other modem nearby through. There is a service call scheduled for a tech to check our equipment and connections on site a bit closer to help narrow this down. The moderators on the Mediacom forum be following up with you there once the service call has been completed. If you need anything in the meantime, feel free to message me here or one of the moderators on our support forum.
Mediacom Social Media Relations Team


Jefferson City, MO
reply to twhiting9275
My old DPC3825 was buggy as well. Restarting nightly, not bonding all downstream channels, etc. I finally bought a Motorola SB6121 and haven't had a problem since (YMMV).