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Jeffersonville, IN

Century Link/Prism experience. Ebay ads hijacked by Chinese

I've been using Centurylink Prism dsl/phone/tv in SW Florida. The landline phone was fine. I had the basic cable package as part of the $99 month package. The prism services has more bells/whistles than Insight cable but there seemed to be more freezes. It was ok but I wouldn't go out of my way to get it. When I applied for service, internet and a landline was all I wanted but was swayed by the $99 package.

The internet was billed as 10mb and it reached that. More lag than the Insight 20mb service I'd been used to but I had no real issues with the speed. I think I had to power down 3 or 4 times. What was strange was when I would surf ebay the ads would suddenly appear in Chinese. It was at random but after my ebay connection was hacked the only way to re-establish service was to clear all history and reboot. I'd run cc registry cleaner, malwarebytes, and use avast virus protection. When I'd reboot my connection would be fine until, at random, the next ebay item I clicked would be in Chinese and my connection was corrupted. Closing the window and trying to reach ebay via google did not work either, got a white page with access denied 303/404??? The only way to reconnect is to reboot. Caused me to quit using ebay and I had no problems anywhere else. Any ideas? Ebay is aware of the problem but has no idea how to fix.

CenturyLink billing was amazing. I printed my sign on deal so I had the hard copy in front of me. CL charged double the agreed rate and I had to go all the way to customer retention to get my promised $99 month deal. Did they think I wouldn't notice? Finally did get it straightened out but that is a sleazy way to do business.

I'm grateful to have service at all in this one horse town but CL sure has a lot of room to improve.