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Flushing, NY

[Northeast] NYC - Flushing/Whitestone area - Slowdown

Hi. I'm having a weird issue and just curious if anyone might have a root cause/or if anyone else is experiencing it...

I'm in NYC - Flushing/Whitestone area and have the 150/50 (or 35?) service. usually works great. Lately, it's been spotty. But the odd part is as follows.

I'll go to speedtest or speakeasy's speed test - and get 3-4 mbits up and down. I go to Verizon's broadband speedtest - and it goes like normal at 150 and around 40-50 up. I then go back to speedtest or speakeasy and everything is 150 again.

This lasts for a good hour or so - then it slows down again. And I have re-do Veizon's speedtest to 'bring it back' up to speed.

Not running any torrents, not doing anything unorthodox so there shouldn't be any speed throttling - but that is what is _appears_ is happening.

Anyway - just curious if anyone else has ever experienced it and, if so, who I might call to resolve this? I'm guessing tier-1 support won't know the answer...

Thanks in advance!
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College Point, NY
reply to starlin

Re: [Northeast] NYC - Flushing/Whitestone area - Slowdown

Northeast of you in CP, 11356 and things this week seemed normal with our 25/25 bundle running AT's rev. I router and many devices split over MOCA bridge, 4 hard-wired and rest of them wireless N and 4 STB's.

Assumed that you have double or triple play, have you tried going thru STB's menu to run self-diagnostic and look at those results.

Rather than purely looking at benchmark scores & test results, how does it behave with your favorite websites, youtube, facebook, cnn and other popular places, retrieving emails and google maps, etc. ?

Going to speedtest or speakeasy do NOT bring your speed back to normal by itself? When was the last time you rebooted the VZ router? Has there been a recent firmware update on your devices and/or computers?

Depending on your approximate whereabouts, have you seen any VZ Fios trucks or service vehicles out there doing ongoing maintenance and/or up on the aerial poles b/c I've seen them out there keeping busy, and it's a good thing since everyone is being prompted to grab the faster speed bundles. But, I'm saving ours 12 months into our 24 months contract - don't have a need for 50/25 for an extra $10/mo now - maybe next year at renewal & then I leverage it for a better deal. Afterall, waited long enough for Fios and survived TWC for its slower speed and not too long ago, DSL on copper ...

If you have any results, please post & I'm sure many tech's lurking will help read the findings for you. My latency is 11 ms, as usual now.


Flushing, NY
Hey there - thanks for the reply!

I've gone through all of the normal self-diagnostics on the STBs and everything looks good. I reboot the FIOS provided wireless router often - hoping that with a different IP given to me, it'll fix something... The machine that I 'work' on is hardwired to it (fast desktop) - all of my other guys are wireless N (Ipad, couple of laptops, etc...) I do get different public IPs, so the rebooting does re-route.

I actually notice the slowdown initially on all of the sites that I visit + VPNing into my job and RDPing into various servers/consoles. I then look at the speedtests to make sure it's me and not the remote locations. Sure enough, it's me. And, as stated, I run the Verizon speed test (from their site) - get's me 150 - and then I'm good on sites, VPN, RDP, whatever for a while longer. Until I need to rinse/repeat it.

It's the _strangest_ thing because I know that just visiting speedtests sites shouldn't do anything to increase the speed - but something is happening...and I'm stumped.

There are a large number of FIOS employees in my building/neighborhood so it's possible that there are just spikes in traffic - it's just odd.

BTW, all of my NIC drivers / Windows 7 is all up to date, patched, bios'ed, etc...

Thanks again!


New York, NY
It's very possible that something is wrong with your operating system. I had that before where w windows 2008 R2 OS was getting weird speeds but at times that it wouldn't push 90Mbit/sec, another desktop on my network pushed the full 154Mbit/sec. Speed tests taken second apart, multiple times to confirm.
Ended up reinstalling Windows to solve the issue (Also went to Windows 7 Ent).

Have you tried another desktop/laptop?

Also, is this an apartment, or co-op/condo? I'm looking to move out to a place with FiOS!


Flushing, NY
reply to starlin
Hi there.

I've tried numerous machines - both laptops and desktops and Windows 7 and Windows 8 (all hard-wired). Same weird issues.

Also - I'm in a coop - if you want more information PM me directly.


Flushing, NY
reply to starlin
i actually had problems last night, i was getting dropped packets, but it got all better after 10:30pm.


reply to starlin

I live in Whitestone as well. For the past month, I've had slow downs and connections timing out. I tried changing DNS to Google.. but still get occassional time outs.

During those times, speed test show a consistent 15/5.

Since then, I've graded to 50/25. It's been a day. Speed testing shows only 20/20 (give or take a few). Not sure if the order is working its way to completion, but got a phone call saying that service request was completed.


Flushing, NY
Thanks for the reply.
I was hoping since your 'service was completed' that mine would improve.

What I did (and this is the span of approximately 7 minutes on 1 hardwired computer)...

Went to »www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/
Did 4 NY tests and 4 Atlanta tests one after the other.
All of the tests were 2.x down and 2.x up.

Opened another tab in Chrome and went to »my.verizon.com/services/speedtes ··· eedtest/
Did my 1 NY test - got 138 down and 64 up.

Went right back to the original tab - »www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/
Did 1 NY and 1 Atlanta test.
Both over 80 up and down.

Darndest thing - I'll probably open a ticket but I'm stumped!