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reply to NefCanuck

Re: [SU] iOS 6.1.3 is out

said by NefCanuck:

said by Nezmo:

My phone, running 6.1.3 is sitting on the desk in front of me. Screen was off/locked. Without me touching it Siri came up and froze.

In general I've had Siri issues with 6x. I cannot get Siri to launch when the phone is connected to a dock connector in my car. But at least she launches on her own on my desk. LOL

Out of curiosity, what kind of car do you have?

I can get Siri to activate in my car via the SYNC system's microphone w/o issue (of course I have to use the home button on the iPhone 5 to wake Siri up)


Acura TL Type-S. But I'm just hooking up with a cable that connects the phone's dock to a power outlet (for charging) and the car's AUX-IN. The car has Bluetooth for phone but not music playback. When it's hooked up over this cable pressing the Home button to activate Siri brings-up Siri but it will not accept any command. I don't get the beep telling me to say something. It's not 100% consistent. There have been a couple of times it had worked but it seems to get confused over the audio source for my voice or something.
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