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[FiOS] WA Telephone Taxes for FiOS Only Service?

I don't know if anyone could give me insight into this, but starting this year I've noticed that I'm being charged WA state taxes on my FIOS internet service (I do not have phone or TV service with Frontier). Given that I don't have a phone line with Frontier, I find it odd that I'm getting charged Telecom/Telephone/911 taxes, considering I already have to pay them for my Ooma VOIP service. I'm basically being double-taxed and I'm being taxed for a phone line I don't have.

I contacted Frontier and they said they are told who to charge by the government and that I would need to speak with my local government to find out why I am charged. After pointing out that I did not see these taxes last year, they said they did some changes to their billing which means taxes are now included in my Frontier bill, even if it is internet only service.

Can any one explain to me if this is correct?

Rochester, NY
First any charge on your bill or any part you may disagree with you can omit and contest but you must challenge it through customer service and get a confirmed amount less the part you are contesting and have to pay as normal. Here is some info that may help.


the part that may involve what you don't like.

•All telecommunications service providers and certain other providers of telecommunications must contribute to the federal USF based on a percentage of their interstate and international end-user telecommunications revenues. These companies include wireline phone companies, wireless phone companies, paging service companies, and certain Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers.

You say that you pay the charges on your ooma bill now maybe omma is trying to dbbl dip and has billed Frontier for this. Or maybe Frontier is in error.


Thanks for the information! Honestly, given that taxes add only about $12 a year to my bill, I can deal with it without filing a national and local FCC compliant. I was just curious if any other WA state internet only FiOS users see the same taxes on their bill (after not having been taxed in the past).

Subie Style
Seattle, WA
reply to shadowsheep
I'm in Shoreline and just had internet only service installed. I'll let you know if it shows up on my first bill.

PX Eliezer
·Optimum Voice
reply to gozer
said by gozer:

You say that you pay the charges on your ooma bill now maybe omma is trying to dbbl dip and has billed Frontier for this.

That particular explanation would not be the case.

Believe me, Ooma has no idea who his ISP is, and his ISP has no conscious knowledge of which independent VoIP (Ooma) he is using. Totally separate issues.

Frontier being so messed up, it is more likely this is a mistake. An understandable mistake because the solid majority of people with FiOS probably do take the phone line as well as the internet component. It's the phone line that incurs tax, not the internet service.
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Thanks vulcan125, will be looking forward to your update.

If this is a mistake by Frontier, I don't really know if they will respond since they kept telling me to contact my local government (the FCC I guess) to get this resolved. All I know is that my FiOS-only service went from non-taxed to being taxed starting this year due to a Frontier system update and I don't understand why.

I guess my next steps will be to contact my local communications bureau to see if they would charge these taxes on FiOS-only service.

Cyber Librarian
Forest Grove, OR
·Frontier FiOS
I'd start with contacting any of the General Managers in Washington state listed on this page: »www.frontier.com/customerservice···ontacts/
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