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Katy, TX

High Pings to Gameservers

This has been going on since I got Uverse. Ill ping 55 to an Illinois gameserver and then it spikes up to 120+ and so does the New York and Virgina gameservers. Texas game servers are fine. I had this issue 7 years ago when I lived in an apt down the road, and the tech found that the backbone provider was advertising a route that was overused. Maybe this is the same issue again?


Katy, TX
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Greenville, TX
Looks to be the same issue. I always had great routing when I had AT&T.

There was a startup company a few years ago called "GameRail" - they peered with your ISP in multiple DC's all over the US... and you travelled through their network, completely bypassing all routing issues. I wish they were still around... worked really well, as a beta tested I was very happy (had Earthlink at the time.. 90ms ping to Dallas servers, heh)

Streamwood, IL
·AT&T Midwest
reply to BruceDubiel
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Looking at your tracert, I decided to try PingPlotter on that server. Note that routers sometimes delay or even drop the packets that detect the times for intermediate routes. Apparent loss or delays that do not continue into later hops would indicate that.

I selected some hops that were generally returning the packets, plus the endpoint. The pattern at the end point is interesting. I think it peaks during popular gaming sessions. The packet loss in red is on the right. Again, packet loss could be dropping packets by prioritizing other packets, but it can be useful. Also note that times for hop 9 peak times are larger than hop 16. Since hop 16 data passed through hop 9, that must be due to hop 9 prioritizing data packets. At calmer times, the hop 9 times are shorter.