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Canton, MI
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Re: [Rant] Bye Bye Comcrap...

That's a great deal. I wish we had fios here i would change too.

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Phoenix, AZ
reply to rody_44
said by rody_44:

LOL, Not much changes when fios is available. They both are to dam expensive and both only give good promo rates and raise them after. Services are pretty much the same with fios having a better upload speed so it really comes down to who will give you what at any given time. I think verizon considers me a hold out as i stay with comcast and just call for promotional pricing when the time comes. Verizon is down to 79 dollars a month for the triple play with the mailers i get. Comcast cant or wont match that so sooner or later im sure the offer will be to enticing and i will switch. For now im happy with the double play from comcast at 92 a month. the only thing in this area that is seperating the two is comcasts willingness to keep prices down with promo rates where as verizons ability to some how get the price higher than you expect.

things you get on cable that you dont get on fios: peak hour slowdowns and overloaded nodes!
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Quakertown, PA

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You dont get slowdowns or overloaded nodes here. Just doesnt happen. Never has with or without fios available. The only thing fios gets you here is a better upload and higher prices. I have never had any issues getting comcast to give me some type of deal that makes me happy. The day im not happy with comcast i will move along to fios or whatever company wants to make me happy. The only thing that frustrates me with comcast is customer service sucks in my opinion at least phone support does. Seems to me if they could provide better email service i wouldnt need to be calling tho and that to wouldnt be a issue.
Dont know how much longer i hold out for tho. My fios mailer offers are down to 79 dollars a month for triple play with a 100.00 gift card and free dvr. Wow thats enticing. Holding strong with comcast at 92 a month for the double play with hbo and showtime. 13 dollars isnt enough but the gap continues to narrow. Cant imagine fios going much lower and have a feeling the balls in comcasts court as far as keeping prices in check.

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Bristol, CT
reply to qworster
To me, this is much like real estate: Location, Location, Location!

What is a good deal here, may not be in another locale.

If we had FIOS here, I very well might have gone for it...but we don't.

Straight dsl is a slow, over-priced option not worth considering.

Uverse is not offering anything compelling in my area, 2 year contract and the $199.95 install/equipment fee is absurd. $99.95 of that is to buy their gateway, which only works with Uverse...

I have no contract with Comcast. We never have speeds drop due to congestion, choice to buy or rent a number of modem/routers. Downside is that they know they are the only viable game in town, and once initial promos are up, they have little incentive to offer any price breaks to existing customers. Customer service in this region has actually been good, except for ocassional confusion over available packages/offers.

Other Comcast areas have had many more service outages and node congestion, poorer customer service, etc.

The bottom line is that broadband consumers should do their homework, and base their decision on what is available, and how each service stands up within their location!

Qworster, wish you the best of luck and hope FIOS gives you better bang for your buck!
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Union, NJ
reply to rody_44
said by rody_44:

You dont get slowdowns or overloaded nodes here. Just doesnt happen. Never has with or without fios available.

NEVER say "never". It's not *impossible*..

Seattle, WA
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Enjoy your 2 year contract!


Pearland, TX
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so what would be the anticipated price after the 2 year promo price? do you know?


reply to qworster
said by qworster:

Their margins are freaking HUGE!....

Don't kid yourself, CATV margins are going down thanks to extreme doble-digit content access increases that aren't getting passed fully onto subscribers. HSI margins are pretty solid, although Comcast (and many other ISP's) will need to continue to find ways to monetize HSI to keep profits growing.