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Pikesville, MD

Repair or replace my receiver?

I currently have a Marantz SR7200 that's a little over 10 years old. Recently the front right speaker stopped working properly. I called the folks who set up our surround sound system and they told me to switch the wires in order to see if it was an issue with the speaker or the receiver. I did this and found that the right front speaker did work but the left front speaker stopped working. So I'm assuming this means I have a problem with the receiver.

Can anyone give me an estimate as to how much they think it would cost to repair the receiver? Keeping in mind that we don't have the budget to purchase a very expensive receiver that would be of the caliber of the Marantz. do you still think it would be worth it to repair the Marantz?

Assuming that the receiver is not worth repairing can anyone recommend any affordable receivers? In all honesty I don't think we have the ears to appreciate what a super expensive receiver can offer but we'd still like to buy something good quality, but affordability is also important.

What about one of the receivers from this thread?

»www.avsforum.com/t/1465257/are-t ··· nder-400

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Bellingham, WA
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Granted it's been decades since I was repairing consumer electronics. I would imagine if it was a common problems or the outputs transistors/IC $100-$200 if parts are even available.

Here is one on E-bay for $200 or make offer.

»www.ebay.com/itm/Marantz-SR-7200 ··· -content
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Pikesville, MD
What about just purchasing a new receiver? What kind of hit in sound quality am I going to get if I buy a new more lower end receiver?

Belleville, IL
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You would likely gain a lot of functionality.

Sound quality will depend more on your speakers than the Receiver.
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Lynnwood, WA
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The repair cost depends on what's broken. The output darlingtons would be the first thing to check after the power to that channel checks out OK. They're about $20 apiece. I'd say you'd probably get charged at least an hour of work, so that eBay item at $235 might not be such a bad deal.
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Do you have a local tech who can give you a guess?

For example, I described an amplifier fault to the store where I'd bought it N years earlier. His basic response was, it'll cost you a minimum of $X for me to open the case; the cause sounds like it's some-known-condition, I can likely fix it for $Y, but until I look at it, I won't know for sure.

That gave me all I needed to know (as in, it's not worth repairing).