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Fibre optic link

Hi All,

I am trying to install a fiber link between my server and a remote NAS box but I am having some trouble. Heres my setup.

On one end I have a HP Switch with a HP GBIC
100mt Fiber Duplex LC-LC 62.5/125 tested and certified
Other end TP LInk MC220 SFP Media convertor with TP Link mini GBIC and an unmanaged switch. (The media converter is set to auto as per manual)

On the TP Link media converter there are 4 lights
Power, FX Link & TP Link are all on and the RX Light is flashing showing data transfer.

When I have my computer connected at this end to test it does not pick up my network. I have tried a fixed IP as well as DHCP but nothing.

Has anyone any suggestions or am I missing something here? Would all the lights work if my cable was damaged?

What's the model/p# of the GBIC/SFP you are using?

If you're trying to use a Single-Mode GBIC/SFP, with Multi-mode fibre, it's not going to work...


Allen, TX
LR optics do work over multi-mode fiber..

I assume we're talking GigE on the HP side too? One thing might be happening is that the media convertor doesn't support GigE autonegiation which is part of the spec so you might have to hardcode the fiber link on the HP to 1000/full..

I've run into this many times with Telco circuits.

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Columbia, MO
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reply to cleary1981
I have the same TP-LINK media converter, and find that most of the time I have to put the switch on FORCE to get it to negotiate with the far-end correctly. You won't hurt anything by setting it to FORCE. Either it will work, or it won't...

I would definitely make sure both GBICs actually work, and that there is nothing in the copper ports that are shared with the SFP slots on the switch... (if any)
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