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Suwanee, GA

On Ultra (22/5) tier will I see speed upgrades?

In our area blast got upgraded to 50/10. I am on legacy Ultra (22/5) tier and still getting 22/5. Will Ultra get upgraded or I am stuck at 22/5 till I upgrade my package to Blast. Nobody on Comcast customer support was able to answer that question.

Taking Care Business
Memphis, TN
I too was on Ultra. I didn't take any chances and requested I be placed on BLAST, which is technically a sideways move with Blast replacing Ultra. It took me three calls before getting it done without them wanting to add an additional $10 onto my bill.

I wound up paying the rate increased price of $74.95 (Stand Alone HSI) as opposed to $72.95 I was paying but 2 days later they upgraded to 50/10 so Im happy.

If you own your own modem be sure to verify that stays the same and make sure a tech isn't scheduled to come put as well .. both of those things changed over the 3 calls. Apparently modem rental and techs are part of the Blast tier
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