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[Qwest] Looking for a third party modem

I need a new modem, my modem is 2 or 3 days out of warranty and they won't replace it. I don't want to give them another 100 dollars if they are going to be jerks about the warranty. Is there anywhere I can get a third party modem for CenturyLink?



As far as features goes, I'm looking for a modem that doesn't run hot and smell like burned electronics. And wireless.

What I had before was the default modem from Qwest, the ZyXEL Q1000Z. I am not sure which config options I need to send over to the new modem. I can still power on the old modem and access the gui and telnet into it. I did a dumpcfg from telnet so I have all my old login names and passwords.


The new c1000A modem works on both VDSL and ADSL. If you want to use another modem, just figure out what you have: ADSL or VDSL and then go on eBay and get a used modem. Amazon also has cheap dsl modems. Motorola seems to be a popular brand. If you are going to bridge it to a separate wireless router, pretty much get a basic cheap modem.