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Surrey BC, internet issue

Hey im in Surrey BC Guildford area and i have been with Shaw for about 3 months on this address with NO issues at all. Today March 27 at 9:07 my BB50 plan can only do 1Mbps down ?!?! Is shaw doing some kind of maintenance in my area ? It's extremely slow and as you can see my PING is outstanding, my upload is maxed. Only the download is limited by SHAW. What's going on ?


ps: I just reset my modem and router. Im getting only 2 Mbitps down now...

Official Shaw Rep

If you send me a direct message with your modem serial number or account number; I can take a look for any area issues.

Have you rebooted your computer?
How many computers do you have on your network?
Are you wireless?
Have you tried connecting a computer directly to the modem?



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*2 but 1 of them is wireless and i dont care about it. My main rig is directly connected to my router with a wire - CAT 6. My modem is Bridged.
*Yes, same thing

Also sent you a message with my account.

Just now:




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Just spoke with the SHAW tech support lady. She made my Bridged modem take 2 IP addresses on 2 Ethernet ports and we hooked up both my PC directly to the modem (wire) and my Router on the other Ethernet. Modem was re-initialized. Then we began some sort of testing on the download sites and I was getting constantly capped at about 1 Mbps download - both to my PC (wired) and to my Iphone 4 which was wirelessly connected to the router.

Then she went away to talk to her team and she told me that it is Cisco firmware issue that they are waiting to resolve. She said she will escalate to the engineers level and will call me back when she has more info. So that was my experience.

ps: Forgot to mention that she reported my modem connection level was excellent. I also wanted to tell her that I specifically made the tech installer dedicate one of the 2 wires that go to the house just for the modem. The wire from the street goes to my house, then a splitter makes it in 2 wires and 1 of these two is dedicated only for the modem. All my phone/TV are slitted on the other wire. There is just no way it can better for the noise lvl connection.


Looks like im back in business !

Just tested it:




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And this morning same thing like yesterday morning... 1mbps... At 9:30 my modem cycled by itself and when it came back it was capped at 1mbps. What is this ? Is Shaw doing tests ?



Just half hour ago, before my modem cycled my speeds were maxed out, WTF ?

PS; I just got to the bottom of this !!!!

Called in tech support again today. SHAW officially has a firmware issue with the CISCO 3825 modems. They currently have a temporary solution that fixes it for certain amount of time but every time they deploy this fix, it causes a massive surge of the system so most likely they fix it in the afternoon when people get back from work. Next day in the morning, it breaks again. They told me that they have contacted Cisco about this issue and awaiting a firmware fix from them. There is a solution for people who can't wait for the new firmware, just go and replace the modem with the SMC 3G. I personally prefer the Cisco over the SMC so im going to wait a bit and see what's up.

Cheers all

@Shaw_Alex, im not sure if you have access to the tech support files, but I made them describe my problem in detail in my ticket FILE at shaw tech support. If you have access to these files i can give you my ticket file number so you can see exactly what's going on in case somebody else is wondering.

ps2: I just found out the cause of my troubles:


Most likely the firmware is defective since my problems started exactly at this time...

PS3; Looks like the SMC has been updated already for reliability with a new firmware this February 2013. It might be a good device after this update ? I mostly stick with Cisco for the reliability part, but now it looks like SMC might have come back.

Link for details: »community.shaw.ca/docs/DOC-1714