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reply to Guspaz

Re: VMedia Launches

said by Guspaz:

Hmm, the way VMedia bundles makes them much more expensive than Videotron to try to get the same channels I have now (even ignoring ones I don't watch)... To get the equivalent of Videotron's package that I have, I'd need from VMedia:

Premium Basic: $39.95
Style/Living: $11.95
Kids Pack: $9.95
Knowledge: $8.95
Movies: $7.95
Entertainment: $10.95
Subtotal: $89.70 per month

Yup. I have the +25 (or is it the +30?). I don't even know wtf I pay for. One of those. And it's less than what you pay Guspaz. And half the price than what I would pay with Vmedia.

I have a bundle price though, plus they knocked off a couple of fee's because I complained and got some retention offer. Anyhow, I have more than you and pay a good 20$ less than you.

I can't see them coming to Quebec with those prices or even with packages.

Guess this is an Ontario thing only and it will stay that way unless they make changes in the future.

But hey! It's a choice, and it looks like it could be a good choice. Thumbs up to you and Vmedia George. @ 24$ (plus free for 3 months) you can't go wrong.

I look forward to seeing some positive reviews from people out there to gauge what they think of it. Don't worry about the start-up bumps. It's expected.