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reply to GusHerb94

Re: My account seems to say I have no HSI

said by GusHerb94:

said by tshirt:

That's the bill before your recent changes, if you look at bill details a newer version should be visible.
Unfortunately the posted bill doesn't update in real time, so you have the one a month snapshot.
under bill details you should see pending credits and pending charges, which represent recent changes.

The balance used to update in real time, at least it did or does for biz class. It may be different cuz all the reps were telling me I wouldn't see my balance update til the next period even though it was updating right away, that was on our business account.

That may also be dependent on the method of payment. I have noticed that if I pay on-line using a credit card, the displayed balance due changes to $0.00 immediately for both my residential and business class accounts. If I pay by bank draft (on-line check), sometimes the balance due displayed on the web site takes a couple of days to update. I notice the same same when paying my AT&T Mobility account on-line.
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