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Belleville, ON

Interesting find also in the BETA before roll out.

Also in Belleville, I had the 14meg(20 real world) speeds which was great.. until 4:30pm. Then from 4:30pm-11:30pm less then a meg most of the time.

Cogeco would say, "there is no congestion in that area". Bahah.

Cogeco was completely useless in communications with Teksavvy and offered no sign that they would be interested in fixing the issue. They kept saying unplug your modem from your router because you have a virus... then they would test it and tell me I still had a virus when it was only the modem connected.

I can tell you that there is no magical modem virus pixie at this time LOL.

Terrible local POI and no sign that they will increase or fix it in the near future.

Switched back to DSL.

The inter-company communication definitely needs to be addressed as the gap there isn't getting any smaller.


Belleville, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
I was with Cogeco. Once my phone was out and they made me rearange the wires and since that did not work they checked their lines and nothing was wrong so they refused to send a tech out. They finally did after I asked them many time. Nearest they could do was a week. So no phone for a week. Internet was also out. So no phone or internet for a week. The guy came over and a squirrel chewed on a wire.