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Re: High latency from 8-11 PM every night in Raleigh, NC

I'm in Goldsboro, having the same issues. During morning/afternoon hours I see normal latency (5-30ms to Virginia, 30-40 Florida etc) but right around 7-8 every night for a few hours it spikes horribly to 140+ Virginia 180+ Florida. If you find a solution, or hear anything from TWC please update us!


Raleigh, NC
Will do!

Any traction on this? I'm still seeing peak time latency, as well as issues streaming, well, anything at peak time. This doesn't even include any work related issues.


Goldsboro, NC
I'm in Goldsboro, was also seeing the unusually high latency at peak hours but it seems to have subsided for me since last week.

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As for traceroutes, Jabbu is correct. Only the destination latency truly matters. To add to that, however, when you begin to see latency go up, then continue to the end of the trace, there "could" be a congestion issues on a link where the latency becomes constant to the end.

The one thing that everyone must remember is that ICMP packets (those used in traceroute and ping in Windows-based computers) are treated by ISP routers with the absolute LOWEST priority. During "peak" times, those routers are processing heavy loads of traffic and it can seem like there are "issues" when there really are none. Google, Yahoo, and other search providers host their websites "in the cloud" and load balance across many different servers and/or routers in various places. This explains why everyone gets a different IP address for and

These steps should always be followed in order:
1) do a continuous ping on the URL/domain you are trying to get to (ping -t)
2) do a continuous ping on the DNS servers you are using
2) do a traceroute/PingPlotter once ping times begin to have constant latency. Does it take a different route?
3) Flush your DNS resolver cache (ipconfig /flushdns) and try again. Does the issue persist/continue?

It may well be due to over-utilization within your respective local areas. Typically it's caused by others doing heavy uploads (a.k.a BitTorrent) within your local area or there could be noise issues as well. The best thing is to do is to call tech support when it's happening as it's extremely hard to troubleshoot something you cannot "see" or duplicate in a "live" environment.