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Bethlehem, PA
reply to pende_tim

Re: [Pricing] Question about Verizon 65+ plan

My mother has the 65+ plan. It really is only good for a "basic phone". She gets 200 minutes plus free mobile to mobile and free nights and weekends (and an sometimes bonus minutes) for $29.99 + taxes and fees (about $7). Overtime minutes are 45 cents/minute.

You can get a regular plan where everything is the same for $39.99 that is good for 700 minutes.

As she has used between 5 and 72 minutes in the last year, she is in no danger of going over. But a total of 267 overtime minutes in the course of the year is the break point where you are better off with the regular plan.

There seems to be a doubling in price to get "unlimited" voice minutes. The minimum price seems to be $80/month.

But 700 minutes is quite a lot of time considering the mobile to mobile calls are free. My mother uses more free mobile to mobile minutes than minutes that count against her balance.