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[PAP2] - PAP2 can not get PAP2-bin-03-01-09-LSc.bin file.

Hi all,

I would like to unlock my PAP2 - Firmware 3.1.9.
I followed steps to unlock PAP2 as the guide on Hudson's blog:
» ··· nfo.html
or: » ··· ry687285
However, at step 7. I got the message on TFTP as follow:

I did not find any error, but I could not log in web interface by admin user.
Can you give me some advice in the case?
Thanks in advance!


Scarborough, ON
·Rogers Hi-Speed
First of all, you should post this under the VoIP Tech Chat forum (»VOIP Tech Chat), there are many users there more familiar with unlocking VoIP ATAs.
Second, if the ATA was ever provisioned by Vonage, this method just doesn't work, regardless of what those articles on Bargainshare say. Basically the PAP2 will download a new firmware only if the URL of the previous firmware upgrade was different than the new one fed to the adapter through the XML file. So if the ATA was provisioned by Vonage once with a certain URL for the firmware upgrade, it will not ask for the file until it receives a new XML with a different URL.
Third, in order to feed an XML to the ATA (spa0014BFFCxxxx.xml in your sample above), the XML needs to be encrypted with the key that is already stored in the ATA (either from the factory if it's a brand new ATA, or from the previous provisioning from Vonage). Vonage knows the factory key (unique to every ATA) for the first provisioning step and it changes it every time it provisions a new XML to your ATA.
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