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London, UK

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Re: Fibre / GPON forums

When you start documenting fibre, dont document the colours, document the core number.

When you send out a professional splice team they will work with core numbers rather than colours. The reason for this is because different cable manufacturers have some variations between some colours. Quite annoying really, I actually used to think something like this would be standardised...

What they all do, however, is produce a chart that maps their colour scheme to a core number.

Once you remove the colours, things become clearer, and you can easily document things in a spreadsheet if you really had to.

Joint A cable B core C to cable X core Y

Otherwise, for when you hit the big time, a proper GIS system that lets you plot your cable routes graphically would be in order. Maybe even MapInfo has this ability (seems to do almost everything else.)

Im sure there are tools out there for tracking cores and splices, but you could probably whip up a basic database to track it quite easily too.