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Toronto, ON
reply to TypeS

Re: VMedia IPTV is Teksavvy planning on participating?

A serious expectation in Canada? No not at all. Which is why I have not had cable for over 15 years. Why on earth would I pay $25/month for a basic cable that would never be used. Just to get access to a handful of channels I would? Complete nonsense ,this company seems to be no different then Rogers or Bell.

Offer a basic cable package that is just that, basic, Absolute basic channels at a abosulte basic price.


London, ON
·TekSavvy Cable

I don't believe the dollar value you posted at all is an expectation anywhere.

Even if they just offered the basic + any meaningful profit, you'd be still be looking at around $15/month for basic. Basic is defined by a regulatory body, not the TV subscription company.


Toronto, ON

"Basic is defined by a regulatory body"
And there is the problem.

Continuing to justify being ripped off, from Bell, Rogers, or any new provider coming along, Just because they have a mandate from the CRTC to do so, is ridiculous.

As long as there is no REAL option out of the forced cable package, we will never truly see competition in the market in Canada.

If more voiced their opinion on it, maybe it would change? Maybe that would better than discussing the merits of a new way to have your wallet emptied due to "Government Regulations"

OTA + Online services at this point, is the only real alternative, Although limited to most.



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said by kmoed:

OTA + Online services at this point, is the only real alternative, Although limited to most.

You forgot FTA satellite which is another good and legal alternative which compliments nicely what you can receive via OTA by adding specialty and international channels along with "wild feeds" for various sporting events. Up to 300 channels are available on Ku-band FTA while an additional 400 are also available on C-band FTA.