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Clarksville, TN

should I upgrade my internet speed?

I currently pay for the 12meg speed. My question is: is it worth upgrading to the 24 meg with constantly having 3 to 4 hd streams going at once? My understanding is that my speeds are affected with the amount of tv streams I have going at once. I'm on the 32meg profile, so I would assume that if 4 streams are going I wouldn't get 24 meg download speeds. I've been told that the HD streams are about 6-7megs. So with that understanding even if I pay for the 24meg download I should only be receiving around 8meg download with all 4 hd streams are going....is that correct or am I missing something?


San Antonio, TX
You are exactly right if you really are recording that much data almost all the time you are basically paying more money for data that you won't be able to use.


San Jose, CA
reply to crash58
What does your RG report for max-user-rate?

(I don't have TV). Anyone have 24M download, and 4 HD streams TV, PLUS: profile assignment higher than 32meg?

Can't profile go higher than 32meg, to approach within 8-10meg of your sync-rate (too close = "instability")? So if your sync-rate is "high enough", TV need not each (much) of your 24M download. Else ATT could never sell 4 HD streams plus 24meg internet.

I thought the RG's broadband stats will show your user-rate and max-user-rate. User-rate being (close to) your assigned profile. Max-user-rate being close to your sync-rate.


Florissant, MO
reply to crash58
I'm on the 24 meg plan, with a 32 meg profile. When I have 4 HD streams running the internet connection speed is between 8 & 17 meg.

Once this promotional offer is over I will more than likely drop AT&T and, go back to charters internet much faster with lower pricing


San Jose, CA
... but what is your max-user-rate (sync-rate)?

Is your line "so poor" (distant from VRAD), that sync-rate is only about 48M, and therefore 32meg profile is best you can get?


Florissant, MO
I'm 500ft from the vrad, with a sync of rate of 68m on single pair. I can't say if faster profiles are available, I may be calling ATT soon because of the internet slowness when paying for a lot more speed.

midwest pt

reply to crash58
Currently only two valid profiles are offered the 32 (less than 2000ft with good quality sync) or 25 if over 2000 ft or less than 2000 if poor lines.
Yes TV streams of which there is a Max of four affects internet, about SD=2m, HD=6m
Max internet speed on 32 profile is 24, Max on 25 profile is 18.
Max HD channels on 32 is 4, on 25 is 3 HD and 1 SD for four feeds.
ATT in effect sells you a pie to distribute how you see fit to use, want faster (18 to 24) internet turn HD channels off (save 6 per feed) or to SD (save 4 per channel).
Speed increases planned for the future is supposed to allow for move HD channels (heard 6), and faster internet speeds so the pie will be bigger but still subject to your distribution.
Internet speeds are hardwired, NOT wireless guaranteed,service calls I make where the cx states slow speed plug cat5 cable RG to PC if within speed test range say 10.5 to 11.5 on 12 with strong signal to your wireless device problem is likely issue with your environment (mdu with multiple devices, wireless phones, headsets, baby monitor anything affecting 2.4 frequency) if have Android based device free app called wifi analyzer will show crowded channels, changing your RG channel to one less crowded may help.


Chicago, IL
reply to crash58
What are you looking to gain by upgrading to 24/3? Are you looking for better download or upload speeds?

If better upload then I don't see why there should be a problem. If you want the better download speeds then I'd probably stay at what you got now, unless you plan on turning off some of those HD streams.