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[Fusion] Questions after switching to Fusion

I switched to Fusion, and my activation date was March 27. My internet was down for about 45 minutes in the morning on March 27. When it came back up, I did a speed check, and my upload speed had more than doubled. I'm very happy about this. However, my download speed was exactly the same as before Fusion. I contacted tech support, and was told they couldn't do anything because the upload speed, download speed, and phone service are all switched at different times of the day. I doubted this, but I waited until today (March 28) to check again. After turning on the computer today, I powered down the modem (disconnected the electricity, not pushing the power button) and left it off for a while, then plugged the power back in. I let some time pass, and did the speed test again. Same result as yesterday. My upload speed is more than double what it was (happy!) and my download speed is exactly what it was before (not happy). I was told by tech support that I'm 10,000 feet from the phone company, so I don't expect fast downloads, but shouldn't it be a little faster than 2.4 Mbps? Even 3.0 Mbps? I have no idea of the quality of my copper. Can this be checked to see if I can squeeze out a little more download speed? I use the Comtrend CT-5072T modem from you, plus I purchased another identical modem myself. The speed results are the same with both modems. I also have two computers, and the speed results are the same with both computers. How can I get information to you so you know what my account is?
Second question, is there a way to verify if DSLExtreme is now my phone provider so I can call AT&T to make sure they are no longer billing me? And where can I find the instructions on things like how to use the voicemail and any other services that are part of my phone service?
I've spoken to the Philippines tech support a few times, and though they are super polite, I don't get accurate answers or reliable help from them. One time when I was speaking to Chatsworth I was told I can request the Philippines to transfer the call to Chatsworth, but on my most recent call they refused to transfer, even after many requests. I've read a bunch of posts on this forum, and it looks like lots of people get great customer support here, so I'm giving it a try for the first time.

Chatsworth, CA
Speeds being switched at different times of day - uh, no. Either the rep was confused or didn't communicate clearly, but that's just flat-out false. Your DSL connection gets switched when it gets switched. Downstream and upstream are tied together; if you're maxing out your downstream, then that throttles your upstream, and vice-versa (which is why, when you run a speed test, you'll see it test first one, then the other, rather than testing both simultaneously).

DSL being switched at different time than phone - ok, THAT is accurate, although usually both get switched simultaneously, or close to it.

Fusion basically uncaps your speed, so if you were already connected at the max speed possible for your location, you may see little or no change. Your upstream was obviously capped beforehand, and now that it's uncapped you're seeing the obvious increase in speed. It's like driving your car down the freeway, and we take away the speed limit: you can go as fast as your car can with you flooring the gas pedal, but you're still limited to how fast your car physically can run.

Btw, if you're seeing 2.4 on a speed test, that usually means your modem actually IS getting a full 3.0. Up to about 20% of your bandwidth is reserved for routing overhead (see »DSL FAQ »What is the 80% bandwidth / speed). That's just how the internet in general works, not anything wrong with your connection specifically.

However, we might be able to tweak the settings to improve the downstream traffic; send me a PM with your account info and I'll have a tech look into this for you.

Second question: if you're getting the Fusion speeds now, I'm sure your phone has been moved over too. Tech can double-check that for you too, if you'd like.

We're updating our website with more info on Fusion; you can see a thread with useful info here: »Fusion Phone Support or you can also check our website directly for new articles as we add/update them: » ··· nd-phone