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Downingtown, PA
reply to dvd536

Re: What other functionality.....

said by dvd536:

said by YukonHawk:

does this box employ? How does it differ from a regular STB other than IP functionality? Thanks.

slowing down of your internet when you have the TV on[just like uverse]

Sorry, this makes no sense. Comcast is NOT replicating U-verse's architecture with this. U-verse is full IP TV, so everything comes in via the internet connection. And what's worse, U-verse is limited by the pipe they have going to your house. Twisted pair isn't exactly a big pipe. Comcast will still be using QAM for all their feeds to your house. TV viewing will in no way slow down internet service with this set up. It's no different than what they have today. All that will happen is that if you decide to use some of the IP features of the STB, you're going to share the internet bandwidth for that. But there's a HUGE difference between updating your facebook status via your TV and getting all your programming in via an IP feed. If anything, this takes Comcast a step closer to the same architecture that Verizon uses for FiOS (which is the service I have). And trust me, I see no degredation in internet speed just because someone is watching TV.