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ATT Address Validation for Proper Emergency Service Response

I just moved into my home. The house was built 7 years ago on a lot where no house had ever been. I ordered regular home phone service. ATT said my address did not exist, so the phone rep did some 'funny business' and put my address number associated with another road name. That got the splicing technician to come out to my house and hook up a new phone line off the pole. (BTW, I had to give him my real address so he could get to my house - google shows it just fine). Now I have a working home phone. Now the unresolved issue(s): Getting ATT to properly show my service address so emergency services (such as 911) can find my home without needing directions. An ATT rep told me that by having the wrong service address associated with your home phone number; it could lead to emergency services not knowing how to find my house (ie: 911). ATT said it was the County records fault. But I contacted the County and they said it's vice versa and that my address is valid. Also I have been trying to get Uverse. ATT said my phone number shows UVerse as available, but my address does not exist to them and they won't make an effort to verify it. I have been told I would be called 3 times by technicians, put in 3 repair tickets all to have them tell me they were 'completed'. I was put on hold for 90 minutes in 1 phone call, 2 - 15 minute holds in the next, and 3 - 15 minutes holds in the next, all to get told they can't fix anything, just like they said at the start of the conversation. They even said 'maybe your wrong service address is your real address'. I said if that were the case, then UVerse would work and 911 would have no trouble finding me. And that was the customer service rep's supervisor named Irene who said that. Also the supervisor took down my e-mail and promised to keep me updated on my address verification. That was days ago, and today I get a phone call from a computer at ATT saying my address has been updated. I check it, it shows the same 'incorrect' service address. They just updated my billing address and called it 'done'. How can I get them to update my service address?

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Have you tried entering your address into the ZIP code tool at The url is: » ··· on_input

That tool will validate your address as used by the USPS, and will also "standardize" the address into a form that is supposed to be acceptable to 911 services. I have had problems in the past getting 911 service registered for my address to use with VoIP services (including AT&T's CallVantage service), but using the USPS "standardized" address was always accepted. If you can get AT&T to accept the "standardized" address in the exact format shown on the USPS site (including being in all capital letters), that might solve not having the correct address for 911 service.

If AT&T refuses to accept the USPS "standardized" address, then it is time to get your local Public Utilities Commission (or whatever regulatory authority in your location oversees telephone services) and they "should" force AT&T to update their internal records to match the real world. A regulatory agency won't officially help with getting U-verse service, but if they can get AT&T to update their records for POTS to reflect your actual address, that might also take care of the U-verse service problem. An alternative to getting involved with a government agency (which many find distasteful) is to register on this site, and post your problem in the »AT&T Direct forum.

BTW, thanks for this thread. I am going to bookmark it to show to all of the people who are always preaching that the only way to get "real" 911 service is to have a POTS line.
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Thanks for the USPS link. I tried it, but nothing comes up for my address or anyone's in my town. No one gets mail at their physical address around here. But everyone else in my town has Uverse and their proper service address associated with their telephone number - except me; and they're homes are only 15 feet from my place. So now I've put in a repair request with ATT for a service technician to physically come out. I'll explain the severity of the situation regarding emergency services being sent on a 'wild goose chase' if they don't update my service address. I have read enough stories about phone companies risking peoples' lives because of wrong service addresses. Here is an example: » ··· ocation/
My story and many others prove that 911 dispatch to POTS isn't always an exact method of deployment. The dispatchers should always ask for address confirmation, and not take telephone company information seriously.
Thanks again for taking your time to give my problem an answer. I really appreciate it.


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Regardless if you get mail at your home or not, your property would have an actual address for mail and other services. Especially since UPS and FedEx base their data bases off the USPS system for delivery, along with gas and electric companies.


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Have you tried calling your local non-emergency number and asking what shows up on their end, and explain why your asking. Most will be willing to help you if you call that number vs 911. They may even have info on who to contact to get it resolved.

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.2 cents... A service tech most likely will not be able to help you. They are not in a position to make changes to service address records. I am betting that you will have to have your service re-installed at the proper address to get this corrected. The CSR should have never put in the incorrect address just to get you service. That mistake will be very difficult to get corrected without a disconnect and reconnection of service.

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AT&T (as with most services) attempts to validate your address based on the USPS address data. As you mentioned, you don't receive mail at you physical address (though I'm sure you receive UPS and Fedex shipments). That means that the USPS has your town listed as "PO Box only" as far as delivery - essentially, within the USPS database, your street address doesn't exist (since they don't deliver there). The County and City would certainly have your address data because they are responsible for city/county planning. The USPS, on the other hand, has to be reactive and design their data around what they are given.

If the USPS doesn't deliver to your address, they don't have you in their database. And, again, all of the address validation services use only USPS, not Fedex or UPS.

Verdict: unless you think that AT&T is really going to change their address validation system soon, I don't see much chance of them updating your address. If they were to manually update your address, it would be left as an orphan within their system that couldn't be confirmed.


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The above comments are correct. The USPS is in charge of database that emergency services function off of, also known as LACSLink (911 emergency addressing automated system).

If the tool doesn't find your address, you may want to visit your local branch to see if they have given you a standardized address yet even though you do not receive mail directly at that location. The LACSLink updated address should work with which ever UVerse is using.

The Post Office does have the most effective and accurate data set available so getting UVerse to use something else is likely impossible. /lol/

Best of luck.