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Internet and/or GoogleVoice Security Issue

I had a recent "issue" come up that I would love some input on.

I have had a GoogleVoice number for a few years. It has been used almost exclusively for texting with my children. In any event it was set up in State "A".

I had a relative with some severe health problems who needed some help so for a while I have been in State "B". This person has a Comcast phone and internet, which I have been using. I have the GV app set up on the Chrome browser and have continued to use it for texting only. I have not used it for actual phone services at all.

Unfortunately, the relative passed away a few months ago and I have been helping wrap up the Estate issues. Today I received a call from one of her creditors looking for "the person responsible for handling the affairs of the Estate" ON MY GOOGLEVOICE NUMBER.

Note that other than using the same internet connection, there is no relation between her and my GV number. Are they tapping into the internet connection or my kids phone records (who were also related to the deceased)? Is there a way through the ISP address to make a connection between her Comcast Phone and my GV # on the browser?

Any opinions as to WTF is going on would be appreciated. I tend not to be the paranoid type, but this has me a bit spooked.


You'll learn "debt collectors" will use a skiptracing company or "internal staff" to go after all possible leads to sucker someone into paying a debt they don't owe. At first they'll kindly ask for info then they'll call twice daily. Since you're not the debtor a simple letter from a lawyer of C&D usually works, if they begin to flood your voicemail you're able to nail 'em for harassment. They use more than just LexusNexus, Experian, etc.
When a debt collection company uses skiptracing they'll use pretexting(fake they're the dead person to the telco) and gain access to phone records that aren't public info and then pull the same on relatives to nag co-workers/friends/family.

Several years back when an aunt died a debt collector firm contacted my wireless telco for a copy of my phone bill and customer service called my phone number to confirm it was who I was(I think Verizon Wireless & T-Mobile do this to cover their ass for privacy reasons). If I recall my telco sued a few companies over pretexting but it still happens.

Sadly since Bud Hibbs died I can't reference the exact "shady" stuff some agencies will attempt--Buffalo based ones are the worst as they'll tread as closely to the grey area of the law.

....also keep those voicemails as a record of the first contact, enclose a copy of that on an audio CDR with a C&D letter from a lawyer. If you get called again multiple times, have a lawyer go all pitbull on 'em and a judge can slap damages on them


My main concern isn't being harassed by a debt collector. I want to know how they got the GV number to begin with . It was used for nothing but texts, through a Chrome browser. There was no connection to the deceased in any way shape or form, other than I have used her internet connection.

Where is the security/privacy hole at? How are they able to find GV texts and match it up to a person not associated with the GV number?