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[Wireless] Wifi N speed slow for internet, fast for Lan or bridg

I have an e2500 and a macbook pro early 2011 bonded with it at 300 Mbps.

My Comcast internet connection is 50+ Mbps via ethernet but only 25-26 Mbps via Wireless-N.

When my wireless router is set to bridge mode (and my laptop gets a public IP), the wireless internet speed goes up to 39Mbps. This mode won't let other devices connect so it's no good. (My SB 6121 cablemodem doesn't have routing capabilities)

So I plugged another laptop via ethernet and, using iPerf, tested my Wireless-N connection to that laptop. It climbed almost to 100Mbps. Now that's more like it! This rules out any radio issues.

I am baffled by this issue so hopefully, someone will have encountered it before. How can I keep this speed when I'm downloading from the internet? Why did setting my E2500 router to bridge mode make a difference?

Any help would be appreciated!