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Tavistock NJ
reply to Probitas

Re: obviously misguided tech

said by Probitas :

Regardless of the "Neat-o!" effect of this tech, it's going to lead to accidents. The moment you take focus off something, everything else is blurred. And this will lend to tunnel vision, which is the worst thing you can have when driving. Eyes are supposed to be in motion while driving so you keep your mind active: I would say tunnel vision is almost the same as being hypnotized.

Watch for insurance companies to chime in at some point, refusing to cover clients who use such devices and get into accidents, claiming drive fault for not actively being involved in driving.

Yes. Ultimately insurance companies can decide the case. If they refuse to write policies for those who use Google Glass, that will kill the devices for using them while driving.

While it doesn't seem much different than the Heads-Up displays that project info in front of the windshield used by some cars today, the data would need to be severely limited to not distract drivers. And I don't believe that Google cares at all what data would be displayed while driving, including msgs, videos, etc while the user was driving.

So, insurance companies and lawsuits would ultimately kill off Google Glass for drivers.