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reply to Probitas

Re: obviously misguided tech

You've probably never seen an HmountD, but contrary to urban beliefs humans are able to concentrate on multiple fields of view at one time for situational awareness.

In any case if it can remove texting and talking so you don't have to take your eyes off the road this is more helpful, but it requires training, not the 30 minutes in the instructors wheel.

This is all transitional to card driving themselves anyways.

Think about it, when we were running in the fields did we have to worry about one lion or the pack.


A couple points. While hunting the food, humans normally did so in packs the same way wolves do it. Safety in numbers, and more than one person watching your back.

Driving is a SINGLE operator tech. No one else is going to point out the traffic you're about to drive into if you're focused on the you tube video being streamed. There is a reason parents scream at kids to shut it while they are driving: distraction.

And also, even before Google Glass, the rodes are full of people who think they know how to drive properly at high speed rates like they are A.J. Foyt, and sadly graveyards are full of those results.

Common sense is supposed to be common too, and I NEVER see evidence of that at all.