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Woodbridge, VA

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Re: Use to be the other way around

said by Rekrul:

said by viperpa33s:

Years ago it was cable that was a direct threat to the antenna. Always had to move the antenna around to get good reception, and you would be out of luck if a storm came through. Now that technology has advanced the antenna, the cable companies are now fearing it.

Antenna reception is still extremely flaky. My friend dumped cable a few years ago and put up an antenna. He's always having problems with it. In bad weather, he sometimes loses channels. He's always replacing the connectors because they get wet and start affecting the image quality. Where the old analog system would just give you a poor picture if there were reception problems, digital becomes completely unwatchable.

Someone didn't have their system installed properly. I installed my two antennas nine years ago outside my condo, with a pre-amp mounted on one. I've never had any issues with connectors going bad or channels going out from bad weather.

Even in the early seventies, we never had any issues when bad weather came through at my parents house. The OTA signal was fine. My dad still has a rooftop antenna that has been up for decades. It still works prefectly fine bringing in all of the digital stations.