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Superior, WI
reply to Packeteers

Re: benefit of the doubt

said by Packeteers:

the fact is OTA station ratings keep dropping while cableTV only based station ratings continue to rise. compare any award show now to a decade ago, and you find far more cableTV shows are winning industry recognition than OTA stuff.

The "ratings" are bogus, done by neilsons just to please their investors. Shows that get "high" ratings, imo, suck. Neilsons ratings are useless these days, since i can get content in so many other formats that they don't rate at all, and won't even consider rating(because it would make traditional television shows look like the utter shit they are). Ignore the "ratings", because they mean nothing at all to anyone, except the investors. Its a feel good system, not a true rating system. The internet is a true ratings system. Use rotten tomato, or some other user driven rating site to get some real reviews and thoughts on a show.

Forest Hills, NY
·Time Warner Cable
chubby, you are getting confused here... ratings is for advertisers to figure out where to spend their ad dollars, and ad revenue on OTA programs is half what is was 10 years ago because they simply are not getting enough eyeballs anymore. rotten tomato is to help consumers figure out what to watch with their limited number of leisure hours - and when they are already pretty clueless about good taste or the latest hottest trends.