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Look at me! Look at me!

Watch me while I up my quota for submitting legislation!

Texting is dangerous because you take both your hands off the wheel and your eyes off the road in order to do it. Not only can you not drive safely while texting, you aren't driving at all. The car is, effectively, driving itself; of course, since cars don't have auto-pilot, the car is simply an unguided missile at that point.

We don't know jack about what effect Glass can have on drivers yet. Passing some law to "ban" it because "ooh, I've been reading all these warnings about Glass... I ought to get my name in the register ASAP" ...well, it's not just premature, it's reckless (not "wreck"-less). Let's actually identify a problem before trying a stupid solution. (Of course, since when have legislators cared about doing something right?)

People drive "distracted" all the time--thinking about other things, talking to others in the car, listening to the radio, whatever. As long as your hands are on the wheel (at least one of them) and your eyes are on the road, one is doing about as well as can be expected.